Best Wellness Gifts for 2024

I believe one of the best gifts you can give yourself is the gift of health!  This 7 Day Functional Medicine Detox is one of the best ways I have found to get a jumpstart on your health.  If you are really motivated, you can even do it for 21 days, but 7 days is a great place to start.  You will be amazed at all the benefits, including lost pounds, boosting your metabolism, reduced inflammation and bloating.  In our modern world, we are exposed to so many toxins daily, this detox is a fantastic way to help rebalance the body and get a healthy jumpstart to 2024!


While you are at your detox, another fantastic tool in helping the body to detox naturally is to add in Castor Oil Packs.   Castor oil packs are a gentle way to help to detoxify the liver, reduce inflammation and improve lymphatic drainage.  They also help to relax the digestive system, which helps reduce bloating and constipation.  There are so many amazing benefits for using castor oil packs, I recommend them for so many ailments, even joint and muscle pain.  Castor oil is extremely high in ricinoleic acid, which is highly anti-inflammatory, pain relieving and is rich in antioxidants.  


The ultimate self care gift of 2024 would be the Therasage Infrared Sauna!  This full spectrum, personal sauna has so many healing benefits.  Studies show regular sauna use decreases the risk of all cause mortality by 40%!  The health benefits are immense, including decreased inflammation, detoxification, increase circulation, relieve pain and burning calories.  Sauna’s are a fantastic way to enhance your immune system and promote overall health and wellness, including healthier and younger looking skin, who doesn’t want that?



Red Light therapy also has a long list of healing benefits and we are loving this Thera Tri-Lite Panel.  Light therapy can also help with micro circulation, lowering oxidative stress and lowers inflammation.  Red light therapy has also been shown to help restore hair growth, reduce scar tissue and is great for pain management and anti-aging. 

Red light therapy tri-light panel


Dry Brushing is a fantastic way to aid in lymphatic drainage and this dry brush is the perfect stocking stuffer!  Dry brushing helps to stimulate the lymphatic system, exfoliates the skin, helps to remove toxins, increases circulation and energy and can reduce cellulite.  Dry brushing is an Ayurvedic healing tool that has been around for centuries.

Plum Roots Dry Brush


Gua Sha also helps promote lymphatic drainage, which can reduce puffiness and improve circulation.  It can soften fine lines and wrinkles, sculpt facial muscles, release tension and improve the overall health of the skin.  This is a fantastic self care tool that can help to rejuvenate the skin.

Plum Roots Gua Sha



 ***As always you should consult your primary healthcare provider before starting a new health or wellness routine. 

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