Castor Oil Pack Basics

What is a Castor Oil Pack?

Castor Oil packs have been used for centuries in many different cultures, from the ancient Egyptians and Greeks, to Traditional Chinese Medicine and modern Naturopathic Medicine, among many others.  They are known for reducing inflammation, naturally detoxifying the liver and improving digestion and lymphatic circulation, among many other health benefits! Castor oil (ricinus communis) comes from the castor seed and is extremely high in ricinoleic acid, which is highly anti-inflammatory, pain relieving and is rich in antioxidants, making it an amazing healing tool.

Other uses for castor oil packs include: helping with constipation, deep sleep, hormone imbalance, joint and muscle pain, fertility, lymphatic drainage, less stress and overall immune health. We can't recommend castor oil packs enough, as they are amazing for overall health!

We recommend using them on a daily basis for best results, but slowly working your way up to that.  As we are all bio-individual, benefits are seen immediately in some and in others it may take more time. Using our organic castor oil wrap with organic, hexane-free castor oil is a fantastic form of natural self care and healing! 

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Here are a few of the amazing health benefits a castor oil pack to offer:

  • Detoxification: Castor oil packs are believed to stimulate the lymphatic system, which plays a crucial role in removing waste and toxins from the body. By applying the pack over the liver and abdominal area, it's thought to enhance the detoxification process, aiding in the elimination of harmful substances.
  • Digestive Health: These packs can be especially beneficial for those experiencing digestive issues. They are believed to help relieve constipation and promote regular bowel movements. By enhancing blood flow to the abdominal organs, they may improve digestion and reduce bloating.
  • Pain Relief: Castor oil packs are often used for pain relief, especially for conditions like arthritis, muscle and joint pain, and menstrual cramps. The anti-inflammatory properties of castor oil may help alleviate pain and reduce inflammation when applied to the affected area.
  • Liver Health: The liver is a vital organ for detoxification, and castor oil packs are believed to support liver health by helping to increase circulation in the area. This can potentially aid in the removal of liver congestion and promote a healthier liver.
  • Skin Health: Castor oil has been used for its skin-nourishing properties for centuries. Applying castor oil packs to the skin can improve its overall health, providing hydration and promoting a youthful appearance.
  • Fertility Support: Some natural health practitioners recommend castor oil packs for women looking to support fertility. By stimulating blood flow to the reproductive organs, these packs may help create a favorable environment for conception

How to use your Castor Oil Pack:

We recommend you start wearing your pack for 1 hour a day and eventually working up to wearing it overnight!  If you are sensitive in nature or are dealing with any health issues, we do recommend starting out slowly, even starting at 20 minutes and working your way up to 1 hour, every other day and then working up to 2 hours and building from there.

To start, you simply put 1-2 tbsp of organic, extra virgin cold-pressed, hexane-free castor oil in an amber glass bottle in the center of your compress, avoiding the seams. If you are using only cotton flannel material, not a castor oil pack, you will want to soak the cotton flannel material, place over the body and cover with saran wrap.  You can also then place an old towel and top and you can add a heating pad on top to help the castor oil to penetrate.  

Castor oil packs can be used on many different body part, depending on the need, but for a gentle liver detox, put the pack over the liver (located on the right side, underneath the rib cage), or over the thyroid, joints, back, knee or anywhere else you are experiencing inflammation.  When finished, simply store in an glass container or bag provided.  

How to Care for your Castor Oil Pack:

Washing the compress may decrease the lifespan, but you can soak your pack overnight in a mixture of hot water, baking soda and natural dish soap.  In the morning, hand wash with hot water and natural dish soap and hang it to dry.  We recommend replacing your pack every 3 months, depending on usage.  Please note, due to castor oils thick viscosity, it does stain, so we advise wearing old clothing or using an old towel.  We recommend only hand washing and never putting it in your washing machine, as it can ruin your clothes and possibly even the washing machine.  

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Who should not use Castor Oil Packs: 

Do NOT use castor oil packs when pregnant and they are also contraindicated with women with IUD's.  We also recommend doing a patch test on the skin, to check for any sensitivities or allergies to the castor oil.  Castor oil should also only be used externally, unless under the guidance of a health care practitioner. We recommend checking with your health practitioner to see if castor oil packs are right for you. 

The information and products available at Plum Roots are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

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