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Organic Castor Oil Wrap and Organic Castor Oil Set

Organic Castor Oil Wrap and Organic Castor Oil Set

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Get the best of both at a discounted price when you purchase as a set!  Our Organic Cold Pressed, Hexane Free Castor Oil in a 8 oz. amber glass bottle works perfectly with our Organic Bamboo Castor Oil Wrap for a gentle liver detox.
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Customer Reviews

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Beautiful and soft, works perfectly. Comes nicely packaged so you could even send it as a gift directly to a recipient.

Lara T.

Great quality. Shipped fast. 10/10 would recommend.


I am happy that I bought this. My initial method was very messy. This cuts down on the mess and it is very comfortable to sleep with.


I am very happy with my purchase. The wrap was packed with a great care. It is of a good quality, very soft and comfy. Thank you!

Leslie H.

I have been using this product for about the past month and think it's wonderful. The material is super soft and the pack is comfy to wear and can accommodate all sizes. I like that it seems to really hold in the oil and not be messy and greasy like other packs and has a nice little bag to store it in. A warm hot water bottle really helps with the detox process and just feels soothing. I did have one question and customer service was quick to respond to my email. I would highly recommend for anyone looking to bring castor oil into their lifestyle!

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    We do not accept returns on used castor oil wraps or any wraps with oil or residue on them. For returns or exchanges on un-used wraps and oil, please return within 30 days of purchase date.

Why use a Castor Oil Wrap?   We can all benefit from the anti-inflammatory benefits of a castor oil wrap!  Anyone experiencing inflammation, constipation, bloating, joint and muscle pain or just looking to improve your health and have better sleep should try a pack!  We believe they are a fantastic tool, along with other healing modalities and when used consistently to help heal the body naturally.  Our pack is reusable, easy to use and doesn't require heat like the original version of castor oil packs did.  

We hope you love using the Plum Roots Castor Oil Pack as much as we do!  Happy Healing!

Organic bamboo cotton castor oil wrap for gentle liver detox.  Reusable and easy to use for deep sleep, less inflammation, detox and cleanse.  Great for hormone imbalance, joint and muscle pain, fertility, lymphatic drainage, less stress and immune health

Our Castor Oil Wrap (Compress) is made of a double layer of Organic Bamboo Cotton, which is hypoallergenic and great for even the most sensitive skin.  Our outer layer is a PUL, which is absorbant and provides for a mess free experience and no heat is needed. 

Our packs are 17 Inches across, by 9 inches wide.  The straps are 26 inches long and are adjustable.  We recommend cutting the loose ends of the straps once you find the proper fitting.